The Eye (2002)

Mun is a 20-year old blind Hong Kong classical violinist, She’s blind since the age of two. Mun undergoes an eye transplant right after receiving a pair of new eyes from a donor. At first, she is pleased to have her sense of sight restored but gradually she had dilemma when she begin seeing strange figures that seem to foretell deaths.
Other Title: Seeing Ghosts 
Location: Hong Kong, Singapore 
Director: Pang Brothers Producer: Peter Chan, Lawrence Cheng, Jojo Hui, Eric Tsang 
Writers: Jojo Hui, Pang Brothers Cast: Angelica Lee, Lawrence Chou, Chutcha Rujinanon


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    The Eye. I watched out several version of this movie. The Hollywood version by Jessica Alba, The Hongkong Singaporean version and the Filipino version by Robin Padilla.. See this movie has gone so far with its spectav=cular versions.,.