About BugabooFlick

A collection of movie posters of some amazing horror flick. Photos, images and movie posters are copyrighted by their respective owners. For inquiries, kindly send an email to bugabooflick@gmail.com.

Copyright of images is the property of the production/distribution companies concerned.

About the Admin

I am Elgart Calago, I am currently the SEO Production Manager of Creative Frappé Internet Marketing Solutions.

I am previously employed at Excencentrix Outsourcing and Training Institute.

I am a father and a husband, whose passions have always lived in the arts. Growing up loving the fine arts, I was always painting and sketching. After I began working in graphic arts, my passion became an obsession.

I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Computer Science and began working as a graphic designer in a Norwegian company almost immediately. Specializing in Adobe Photoshop, I worked creating small format graphics and designs for a couple of months. Currently I am working as a SEO Specialist at a small start-up company.

I am also an obsessed horror flick fan which is actually the reason why I made this blog. I made this blog just to have a place where I can put all my favorite movie posters of my all time favorite horror movies.