Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang (2012)

Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang (or simply Corazon) is a 2012 Filipino horror-drama film starring Erich Gonzales and Derek Ramsay released by Skylight Films, a division of Star Cinema.

Corazon revolves around the love story of a married couple during the times of Japanese rule in the Philippines who's having a hard time conceiving a child. After joining traditional fertility rites in honor of certain patron saints, their prayers are eventually answered but unexpected circumstances will lead to their baby's death. At which point the conflict of the story will begin.

Early production began in May 2011. The film is said to be a period love story about Philippine folklore. The director, Richard Somes revealed that the idea of the concept was created in 2008 after he finished his first horror full-length script, Yanggaw, a story that dwells on the aswang myth and the culture that surrounds the legend. The film is said to be set in the time of the Japanese rule.

Location: Philippines
Director: Richard Somes
Producer: Charo Santos-Concio, Malou Santos, Enrico Santos
Writer: Richard Somes
Cast: Erich Gonzales, Derek Ramsay, Mark Gil, Tetchie Agbayani, Epi Quizon, Mon Confiado, Sharlene San Pedro, Princess Punzalan, Wendell Ramos, Maja Salvador


  1. Saw this film last year. Started off reasonably well but petered out long before the denouement. It's artistic pretensions got the better of it.

  2. I think you're in the wrong film, this movie was released recently this year. Btw, thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hey Elgart! Thanks for dropping by my Asian Horror Flicks blog. I haven't seen this movie yet although the plot reminds me of a comic book I read about the first aswangs. Will give you a link if you're into that stuff.

  4. Yes Stylez exactly, this is the movie about the first rumored folklore about Aswang here in the Philippines.

    Thanks for dropping!

  5. Probably the best Filipino horror movie. The ending was unexpected which is something rare considering that most Filipino films' endings are very predictable.

  6. This revolutionized the Philippine Horror Film plot from the usual lame visual effects and formulaic storylines typical of Filipino movies.

  7. I'm glad you like it Oliver, thanks for dropping!

  8. Gusto ko yung cover na ginawa nila. Ang ganda hindi tulad ng ibang cover na basta basta lang nagpose at kung anu anung graphics ang ginawa na minsan magmumukang fake at korny. Maganda yung story at sana meron pang mga susunod na movie na tungkol sa aswang at hindi puro multo.

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