The Nun (2005)

An insane nun terrorizes her students. One of the girls named Mary is discovered to have been impregnated by an important official at the school after having had an affair with him in her young teenage years. The girl had bought a Pregnancy test. Just as she discovered that she was indeed pregnant, the malicious Nun Sister Ursula walks in on her in the bathroom to see what she is doing and discovers her secret.

Location: Spain
Director: Luis De La Madrid
Cast: Anita Briem, Belén Blanco, Alistair Freeland, Manu Fullola, Paulina Gálvez, Natalia Dicenta, Oriana Bonet, Teté Delgado, Lola Marceli, Cristina Piaget, Montse Pla, Alessandra Streignard, Ludovic Tattevin 


  1. I'd watch this movie, to see her:)

  2. One of the scariest movie I saw.. Great blog Elgart..Keep up!