Vacancy (2007)

Vacancy is a 2007 American horror/thriller film, starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale. It was distributed by Screen Gems and was released on April 20, 2007. Production was scheduled to commence in August 2006 with Nimród Antal signing on to direct it.

Early in the film's development, it was thought that Sarah Jessica Parker was going to be in the film. A September 2006 article in The Hollywood Reporter announced that Kate Beckinsale had signed on to replace Parker.

A couple, David (Luke Wilson) and Amy Fox (Kate Beckinsale) take a wrong turn on a remote mountain road. When their car breaks down, they realize they are in a cell phone dead zone, with no reception. They then decide to check into a completely isolated motel in a rural area with a strangely off-putting manager called Mason (Frank Whaley)...

Location: United States
Director: Nimród Antal
Producer: Hal Lieberman
Writer: Mark L. Smith
Cast: Luke Wilson, Kate Beckinsale, Frank Whaley


  1. never saw this i'll check it out bro
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  2. Definitely will check a copy of this on Odyssey

  3. Should check it out , its fairly better than a lot of attempts at this genre. Thanks for reminding, got to see it again.

  4. The most thrilling movie I saw