Rest Stop (2006)

Rest Stop: Dead Ahead is the first direct-to-video horror film released by Warner Studios' "Raw Feed" imprint on October 17, 2006. The plot involves a girl who is terrorized by a deranged serial killer while on a cross country road trip to California.

A girl named Nicole makes a rest stop. Little does she know that her convenience break will be fatal as she becomes the victim of a demented serial killer who drives a yellow truck. Nicole soon becomes aware that the rest stop is haunted by the killer's previous victims or they are simply delusions of Nicole's hysteria. The origin of the killer's psychopathy are unknown other than the fact it may have to do with a demented family in a Winnebago and soon enough things go horribly wrong

Location: United States
Director: John Shiban
Producer: R. J. Louis
Writer: John Shiban
Cast: Jaimie Alexander, Joey Mendicino, Nick Orefice, Deanna Russo, Joey Lawrence


  1. I recall being initially intrigued, but ultimately disappointed, by this one....

  2. yep, it was quite disappointing. Still, it's waaay better than the stupid sequel