Candyman (1992)

Candyman is a 1992 horror film starring Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd and Xander Berkeley. It was based on the short story "The Forbidden" by Clive Barker, though the film's scenario is switched from England to Chicago.

Location: United States
Director: Bernard Rose
Producer: Clive Barker, Steve Golin
Writer: Bernard Rose
Cast: Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd, Xander Berkeley, Vanessa A. Williams


  1. Candyman gave me the creeps! I'll remeber it for ages :)

  2. The great thing about Candyman is the fact that they took one part urban legend, one part rich vs. poor and one part curiosity killed the cat and wove it into an intricate fabric of classic horror movie.

  3. Yeah! You're both right! This film is really great!

  4. This is one of my favorite horror film of all times! Two thumbs up elgart!

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  5. i was still in grade 2 when i watched this movie, really scareee, thanks for this blog!